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CIM Trust is an NGO that works for Migrant Children since 2019.

 About CIM Trust 

Christ International Ministries® (hereafter CIM Trust) is a Non-Profit Charity and Educational Organization founded and registered Trust under the Government of Karnataka in 2019. It has Tax exemption u/s 12A & 80G and having CSR Registration. We are working in India primarily providing education to less privileged children, socio-economic upliftment of marginalized people, we attempt to help the vulnerable communities to achieve their ambitions and to lead a decent life. 

 Events and Updates 


Pandemic Relief Drive

During this Pandemic crisis, CIM did free distribution of one month's Ration kit to the families that couldn't afford them.

Much Thanks to all the donors.


Societal Hygiene

Smile says it all!



We work with Govt. Schools to ensure sustainability of Children's education and to reduce school drop outs. 



Listed as member organisation with Give India

CIM has been listed as a  member organisation with Give India, donation platform that identify non-profit organisations from across the country and connect them with prospective donors. The non-profits are selected through a robust due-diligence mechanism.

Tourist Place

CIM Trust has been accredited as a Guidestar India validated charity.

GSN No. 13634.

The accreditation recognises and verifies the transparency and public accountability of organisations.

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