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CIM Trust is an NGO that works for Migrant Children since 2019.

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CIM Trust was founded in 2019 by a dedicated couple Dr. Rathna Kumar & Smt. Sharda who want to break the cycle of generational poverty in our society through education.

Due to an uncertain future and frequent dislocating, the struggles and hardships of children from migrant communities are great. They cannot participate in the decision making process in their family, rather simply follow their parents to new places with a hope for their survival and better living.



I am Jyothi and I live with my mother and two elder brothers. We are from a small remote village 40 Kms away from Yedagiri, migrated to Bengaluru. My Dad died in 2022, since then my mother works as a domestic helper to look after us. Rathna Anna and Sharda Akka visited our home and got me admitted in the After School Program at CIM Trust. Last two years, I am attending the After School classes regularly. Now I am studying in 6th STD. in the Govt. Higher Primary School, Abbigere and I am a class monitor. My dream is to become a Teacher and teach underprivileged children.




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